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Nordic Fitness Training by Tired Mom Runs

I am a true Nordic woman, and they say that while you can take a woman out of the Nordic lands, you can never take the Nordic spirit out of her. I've spent years living across the globe, trying to blend in wherever I went, but deep down, never felt like I belonged, yet I always carried the Nordic ethos within me.  Though I may not be your typical Finn, I embrace the values of resiliency, adventure, pragmatism, sustainability, and a profound love for the outdoors. I've delved into the essence of Nordic culture, from the mystery of the Vikings to the Finnish concept of Sisu. No matter where life has taken me, my Nordic genetics have been an ever-present guiding force. 

In Nordic countries, the concept of hygge, a love for the outdoors, sustainability, and positivity is deeply ingrained in our way of life. We come from lands with scarce resources, which has shaped our work ethic and our appreciation for the fruits of our labor. We experience endless summers, vibrant autumns, harsh winters, and the promise of spring—a cycle that's truly magical, if you learn to embrace the changes.

Since the age of 12, I've felt the urge to explore the world, pushing me to leave North Finland at 20, vowing never to return. Yet, my global travels have helped me recognize the importance of embracing my roots.

But have you ever wondered why the Nordic countries, despite their high taxes, consistently rank among the happiest in the world?

Why Are Nordic Countries So Happy?

The Nordic countries consistently rank high in happiness and well-being indexes. Their happiness can be attributed to a combination of factors, including:  1. Focus on Well-being: Nordic countries prioritize the well-being of their citizens through robust social support systems, excellent healthcare, and education.

2. Active Lifestyle: Nordic culture emphasizes outdoor activities and regular exercise, aligning with our coaching services to promote fitness and vitality. Oslo, for example is one of the first capitals in the world to be completely car-free. People walk, run, bike, use public transport and during the winter even cross-country ski to work.  3. Community and Connection: The sense of community and social connections in Nordic countries contribute to a strong support network and emotional well-being. We get together for Hygge, to Fika or sit in a sauna after a long day. We exchange our thoughts and emotions at very personal deep level. 

4. Work-Life Balance: Nordic countries value work-life balance, allowing individuals to prioritize their personal lives and engage in recreational activities. Have you ever been to any of the Nordic Capitals in July? They are all ghost-towns and people are on holidays at their vacation homes at the mountains or lakes. The idea to live for work is completely foreign. We work to live, and are out of office by 3pm on Friday! 5. The love for nature: We value our green landscapes, clean air, pure tap water and the season's change that brings us all the fun challenges like running in pouring rain, shoveling our cars from under the snow, finding small moments to admire the colors in the trees, alone and with our loved ones.

6. Sustainability: Having seen what rest of the world does to its land, water and air has made me very sad. In Finland, we've recycled plastic bottles since the 80s. Heck, we used to make good money returning the bottles to recycling depot, because they pay for each bottle! Communities provide recycling bins everywhere. Cars banned from city centers. Communities connecting people with cycle paths. Kids bike or walk to school instead of being dropped off by parents in long car lanes.

Reflecting on my own parenting journey, I've always played importance in going outside every day: rain or shine. Walking or biking if possible to a grocery store, school or to visit friends. Little adventures with the kids, although getting 3 kids under 4 took sometimes enormous effort to get out the door - was so worth the sweat and clenched teeth.

I know you know getting this gang outside was not always easy.

So how does this Nordic Utopia relate to the rest of the world and you as a tired mom who wants to get fit, energized and happy?

The lifestyle change you crave

As a tired mom, life's to-do lists are never-ending, regardless of your location. Here are my top tips to create a lifestyle that aligns with your values:

  1. Track your habits for 14 days, every 30 minutes.

  2. Identify your core values and rank them.

  3. Define three goals and align them with your core values.

  4. Ensure that each goal connects with one of your core values, as goals not aligned with your values may remain unfulfilled.

  5. Focus on the goal that resonates the most with your health, wellness, and joy, even if it feels a bit daunting.

  6. Develop a SMART goal: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely.

The 'how' isn't your responsibility to figure out. The 'how' will reveal itself, possibly in the form of someone who can help you achieve your goal, especially if it's fitness-related.

The How Is NOT For You To Figure Out

Say what? 

The how is not for you to figure out. The how will reveal itself. The how can be purchased. The how comes in form of someone else who helps you reach your goal. If it is fitness related, it could be me.

Nordic Fitness Training With Tired Mom Runs

Nordic Fitness Training, is a collection of coaching services offered by Marjaana Rakai, aka Tired Mom Runs. we specialize in coaching running, triathlon, and skiing with a distinctive Nordic twist. Our approach is inspired by the lifestyle and habits of Nordic countries known for their exceptional well-being, happiness, and physical fitness. We firmly believe that a balanced and active lifestyle plays a significant role in achieving overall happiness and wellness - and as a mom, you know how important your wellbeing is for your family.

Mom not happy, Ain't No One Happy

 Our target clientele is the high-achieving, tired mom who often neglects her health and well-being while juggling multiple responsibilities. We understand the challenges you face and aspire to empower you to achieve your fitness goals, leading to a happier and more fulfilling life.  As your coach, we offer personalized training programs, expert guidance, and motivational support to help you:  Prioritize Your Health: We'll work with you to establish a fitness routine that fits seamlessly into your busy schedule, ensuring you prioritize your health and wellness. No more random workouts from IG that leave you insured and frustrated.

Reach Your Goals: Whether you're aiming to complete a 5K, marathon, triathlon, or improve your skiing skills, or just get back to moving your body without pain, frustration and MOM GUILT (!) we'll create a tailored training plan to help you reach and exceed your goals.  Rediscover Joy: Our approach encourages you to embrace the joy of physical activity and outdoor adventures, just like the Nordic lifestyle.

Community Support: we believe just like in the Nordic countries that community, and sense of belonging is essential to our physical and mental wellbeing. We offer a community of like-minded moms who share the passion of moving their bodies and being healthy.  Join Nordic Fitness Coaching and experience the transformative power of a balanced, active lifestyle. Let's journey together towards a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled you! If you are ready to explore the exact road maps that Nordic Fitness Training with Tired Mom Runs can offer you, head over here.

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Hey, and if you are just brand new to Tired Mom Runs, I am Marjaana!

Short bio:

Msc Sports Science I Mom of three I Expat since 1998 I Long-distance triathlete I Skier I Adventurer I Wife I Coach I Love to figure out how to make my athletes faster, and my fellow moms healthier

You can also read more about me here

I spent glorious three weeks in North Finland in summer 2022


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