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Meet MJ

Our Vision

Welcome to Tired Mom Runs! We are an online endurance coaching service for incredibly busy parents, utilizing the power of AI coaching to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our mission is to empower parents to prioritize their health and well-being, and we are here to support you every step of the way on your fitness journey.

Marjaana coaches all-level athletes from youth to seniors in 

1. Running 

2. Triathlon 

3. Nordic Skiing 

4. Strength training and general fitness

Marjaana's passion lies in guiding women and especially moms to navigate health and fitness as they get older and have kids. She emphasizes progressive build and finding fun in working out, and teaches online Learn to Lift Program to teach moms to lift safely. 

She also offers The Fit Mom Way online course to transform your life from Tired to Thriving! 

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Certified Endurance Sports Coach

Our head coach at Tired Mom Runs, Marjaana "MJ" Rakai, is a certified endurance sports coach with years of experience in helping busy parents achieve their fitness aspirations.

She is also a lifelong student of sports, with MSc in Sports Sciences and other certifications listed below. 

She is a mother of three living an expat life. She is dancing on the tightrope of balancing work as a coach, and marketing expert, Ironman triathlete, runner, and mother of three active kids who all do sports. 

Marjaana is not at all about No Pain No Gain mentality, but about helping you find your why, embracing consistent imperfect steps, and using smart solutions to make your fitness and health a priority in a very busy life, as a parent, business owner/professional, and lover of healthy lifestyle.


Marjaana understands the challenges of balancing family, work, and personal fitness, and we are dedicated to providing personalized coaching to fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle.

MJ's Sports

Marjaana grew up running track and Nordic Skiing in her native Finland. Suffering from a back injury, she quit her long-time dream to becoming a pro athlete and started exploring the world instead. 

She has challenged herself with the following: 

Running from 5K to Marathon (3:46 PB) 

Triathlons from Olympic to Ironman distance (2x qualified to Ironman World Champs and 1x 70.3 WC) 

Ski Marathons 

Marjaana is competing at the Ironman World Championships in Nice, France September 22, 2024. 

20230315_DylanRakai_HR_COL 6.jpg

Marjaana Rakai

MSc in Sports Sciences 

BSc in Sports Sciences

Business Administration Diploma 

HIIT Science Certification Certified Coach

NASM Certified Personal Trainer 

GGS Women's Coaching Specialist 

Triathlon Canada Community Trained Coach


The Athlete's Compass Podcast Host with Dr. Paul Laursen and Paul Warloski 


Betty Designs 


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Weekly Open Office Hours - check out my calendar below and book your chat with me. 

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