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Welcome to Your Path to Wellness and Happiness!

Are you a high-achieving, tired mom who constantly prioritizes everyone else's needs above your own health and wellness? Do you aspire to reclaim your vitality and find joy in an active lifestyle?


We embrace the Nordic approach to health, fitness, and happiness. We specialize in coaching running, triathlon, and skiing with a distinctive Nordic twist. Our approach is inspired by the lifestyle and habits of Nordic countries known for their exceptional well-being, happiness, and physical fitness. We firmly believe that a balanced and active lifestyle plays a significant role in achieving overall happiness and wellness.

But Why Are Nordic Countries So Happy?

The Nordic countries consistently rank high in happiness and well-being indexes. Their happiness can be attributed to a combination of factors, including:

1. Focus on Well-being: Nordic countries prioritize the well-being of their citizens through robust social support systems, excellent healthcare, and education.

2. Active Lifestyle: Nordic culture emphasizes outdoor activities and regular exercise, aligning with our coaching services to promote fitness and vitality.

3. Community and Connection: The sense of community and social connections in Nordic countries contribute to a strong support network and emotional well-being.

4. Work-Life Balance: Nordic countries value work-life balance, allowing individuals to prioritize their personal lives and engage in recreational activities.

Why Choose Tired Mom Runs Coaching:

Our target clientele is the high-achieving, tired mom who often neglects her health and well-being while juggling multiple responsibilities. We understand your challenges and aspire to empower you to achieve your fitness goals, leading to a happier and more fulfilling life.

As your coach, we offer personalized training programs, expert guidance, and motivational support to help you:

- Prioritize Your Health: We'll work with you to establish a fitness routine that fits seamlessly into your busy schedule, ensuring you prioritize your health and wellness.

- Reach Your Goals: Whether you're aiming to complete a marathon, or triathlon, or improve your skiing skills, we'll create a tailored training plan to help you reach and exceed your goals.

- Rediscover Joy: Our approach encourages you to embrace the joy of physical activity and outdoor adventures, just like the Nordic lifestyle.

Join Nordic Fitness Coaching and experience the transformative power of a balanced, active lifestyle. Let's journey together towards a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled you!

Take a look at the following service and pick one that entices you the most. Please don't hesitate to contact me (contact form below) if you can't find exactly what you are looking for!

Mom Jump Rope

1-0n-1 coaching

Our premium one-on-one coaching provides transformative lifestyle coaching with a Nordic twist. Unveil your full potential over 6 months, igniting a holistic change in your well-being. 

Whether your chosen sport is running, skiing, triathlon or just wanting to keep up with your kids, this one is designed to enhance wellbeing, connection, active lifestyle and work-life balance. Healthier you involve the whole aspect of wellness, including training for your endurance or gym, lifestyle habits, sleep, eating, work-life stress, self-talk & mindset and exercise.  

Price 349 USD per month


Calling all previous coaching clients and those transitioning from our 1-on-1 coaching! Experience exceptional coaching at a reduced cost without compromising on quality. Wondering what sets this apart?

Themed Group Coaching Calls: Join sessions tailored around specific themes, enhancing your coaching experience within a supportive group dynamic.

Convenient 15-Minute Check-ins: Swift and effective check-ins when you need them, ensuring you stay on track.

 I'm committed to ensuring your success and support. If you're new to coaching, I recommend starting with 1-on-1 coaching for at least 3 months to lay a strong foundation and to allow us to get to know each other.

Price: $149 USD per month - A valuable investment in your fitness journey and well-being.

Ready to elevate your fitness goals and be part of the Tribe? Let's take this journey together! 

Individual endurance plans

You are happy training by yourself, don't need a coach. That's awesome, I am happy to provide you with a custom-made endurance and/or strength plan. Contact me for details below.

The Nordic Way

Embark on a journey inspired by the Nordic way—a 6-month group coaching program guiding you to find balance, vitality, and happiness through embracing the Nordic ethos. Nordic Way emphasizes embracing a bright and fulfilling lifestyle through the comprehensive 6-month coaching program, just like the Nordic way of life.


Transformative online group coaching program if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Become Fit in Motherhood without the overwhelm, frustrations and mom guilt that bugs so many moms in the midst of motherhood. You will learn to implement strategies in mindset, intention, your female physiology, strength training, endurance training and how to support your training with nutrition. Group calls, live Q&A, love letters, individual consultations, challenges, and individual training plan for YOU! 6 months of commitment, why? Because CHANGE TAKES TIME, and I am committed to your health and fitness. Are you serious about changing the way you feel about your life, health, fitness and the way you feel in your skin today? JOIN ME!

199 USD per month

Ski Queens

What is more Nordic than a ski group?


An online group training program preparing Ski Queens for a Ski Marathon (29-50K/54K) in 2024. Group calls, an individual training program with coaching. Starting in October! 

Price 150USD per month

Online Live & On-Demand Strength & Cardio Classes

NEW! Train with me !

Come and join strength workout with The Strength Lab 2x per week, book your private lifting sessions, or learn how to lift with The Lift program. 

Want a coach guide you through HIIT training session? 

Book me!

Moms' Kick Starter

This program signifies finding joy and happiness through the one-month Kickstarter program, aligning with the essence of "Lykke. 


This would be a great place to start if you are just getting back to it, dear mom!

One month-long fitness Kickstarter! 

Price 99USD per month

Mom Strong: Personalized Strength Plans Tailored Just for You

Unlock Your Fitness Potential!

This is one of my most popular services. Perhaps you already have a running, triathlon or skiing coach, but need an individual strength coaching. You'll perform benchmark tests, we pencil in our goals, I deliver your strength programs via our app and we communicate though the app. Progress monitoring, adjustments to your program and coaching all of course included. 

Price depends on the length of the program, typically 150USD for 4 months. 

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