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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Hi, I'm Marjaana Rakai, A Proud Nordic Soul, "Courageous" by Name and Spirit, and Tired Mom Runs!

In the depths of my Finnish roots, the name Marjaana holds a powerful meaning—"Courageous".


It's a moniker that has shaped my life's philosophy. Whenever apprehension or fear knocks at my door, I echo the mantra "Stay Courageous."


If excitement and fear dance within me simultaneously, I recognize that it's a call to action, something I MUST do!


In the vast tapestry of life, it sometimes takes a profound wake-up call to realize the true essence of what we possess. A moment etched in fog and wind, perched on the cliffs, contemplating the unfathomable. It was there, at that precipice, that I discovered the power within to embrace life anew—a power grounded in the very heart of my Nordic heritage.

The whispers of our Nordic ancestors, steeped in resilience and grit, echoed through my thoughts. I had always been known for my gritty determination, but in that moment of despair, even that seemed elusive. The perseverance I once had was replaced by a desperate yearning to cherish myself, to carve out time and space amidst the whirlwind of motherhood to rediscover who I truly was.

As the abyss beckoned, it was the Nordic warrior within me that pulled me back from the brink. I no longer sought merely to persevere; I sought to reclaim my own essence, to find solace and rediscover joy within myself. It was a revelation that not only my beautiful children and the love for my husband were reasons to live, but I, too, deserved to feel good, to cherish my own existence.

I stood up, and I ran away from the cliffs. The longer I ran, the more I felt the surge of those "feel good" hormones—endorphins and dopamine—flooding my body. Science confirmed what I knew in my heart—that the joy of movement had the power to heal, to elevate the spirit, and to make us feel exactly what we crave—to feel good.

In the wake of this transformative realization, I vowed to extend this newfound wisdom to fellow moms and dads. Tired Mom Runs was conceived—a haven where the joy of movement reigns, and feeling good is a birthright.

Eight years hence, my purpose has crystallized. I am here to help moms, dads, and children feel good, to infuse joy into exercise, and to let the rhythm of movement harmonize with our souls. My coaching spans the digital realm and the embrace of the outdoors, tailored for diverse backgrounds, sports, and levels. I specialize in coaching for mothers, daughters, and the youth in running, skiing, triathlon, strength, and general fitness.

As an expat since 1998, my journey has woven through six countries across four continents. I am a student of the world, ever eager to learn from the rich tapestry of global cultures. I proudly wear the title of an open-minded ambassador of positivity.

Presently anchored in Houston, TX, amidst my three cherished kids, our beloved rescue dog Oslo, and my steadfast husband, I continue to chase the horizon of my dreams. Triathlon and cross-country skiing are my passions, and my aspiration is to race at the World Championships in both. With a string of marathons, Ironman triathlons, and more, I find joy in the training process and witnessing the transformation it yields.

As a Betty Designs endurance couture ambassador and an Athletica AI training platform ambassador, I relish conversing about training methodologies, parenthood, and the profound significance of dedicating time to exercise and nourishing our bodies.

I warmly invite you to share your thoughts, and your journey, or simply engage in a delightful conversation. Don't hesitate to reach out—be it for a casual chat or a heartfelt note of affection.

Let's forge connections, spark conversations, and celebrate the joy of movement, for within it lies the essence of our shared humanity. Feel free to connect with me at or send a love-filled note below! 😊

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  • MSc Sports Sciences (Ex. Physiology & Biomechanics)

  • BSc Sports Sciences 

  • Business Administration Diploma

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • Triathlon Canada Community Trained Coach 

  • GGS Women's Coaching Specialist 

  • HIIT Science

  • Sports Nutrition Specialist

  • Social Media Specialist

  • CPR + First Aid 

My Partners 

  • - I'm Athlete Ambassador, Coach and co-host of The Athlete's Compass 

  • Betty Designs Ambassador 

  • HRV4Training Ambassador 

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