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Choose Your Pricing Plan

Familiarize yourself with our monthly pricing plans and coaching service description and please ask if anything is unclear. 

I offer 15 % off for 6 months and 25% off for 12 months upfront commitments. 

Find one that works for you

  • Athletica +

    Every month
    Perfect for self-motivated experienced athletes looking for community
     14 day free trial
    • Individual adaptive Training Plan (run, tri, cycling, xcs)
    • Dynamic adjustements as you go
    • Invisible power and pace profiling
    • Workout Wizard to change your workout
    • Instant AI Coach Summary
    • Workout Reserve to optimize your training on the go
    • Low, moderate and high volume training plans
    • Connect your Garmin or Strava and you're good to go
    • Do your Athletica Workouts on Zwift
    • Recovery Profile
    • Feedback on your training in Athletica from coach MJ
    • Zwift Club Rides
    • Weekly Vo2max ride with Coach MJ and others in community
    • Office hours to chat with Coach MJ
    • Community access to members only site
  • Endurance Team

    Every month
    Perfect for you ready to take your fitness to another level
     14 day free trial
    • Everything on Athletica+ AND
    • Access to Coach MJ via WhatsApp Group
    • Monthly Group Coaching Call
    • Analysis of training progress through Athletica
    • Updates and Adjustments to your training plan (travel, ill)
    • Learn to Lift - Strength Program
    • The Strength Lab - 16 weeks online strength program for you
    • Do you Athletica workouts on Zwift
    • Feedback on your training in Athletica by Coach MJ
    • Community Access only for members
    • Monthly newsletter
    • Zwift Club rides
    • Weekly VO2max rides with Coach MJ
    • Office Hours with Coach MJ for a chat
  • Thrive

    Every month
    Perfect for you who want to go from Tired to Thriving
     14 day free trial
    • Everything on Athlete + and Team AND the following
    • Comprehensive Movement&Strength Plans fused w/Endurance Plan
    • Running Gait Analysis & Road Map on how to improve your run
    • 1-on-1 Coaching Calls (you book)
    • HIIT, Endurance & Strength Training ABC - learning
    • Race Planning
    • Mental Training
    • Race day & sports nutrition coaching
    • Post-race analysis
    • Recovery coaching incl. HRV4Training Monitoring&advice
    • Female Physiology Related adjustments
  • The Strong Endurance Athlete

    Every month
    Perfect for runners, triathletes and skiers who want to get stronger
    • Strength & Movement Assessment + retest
    • Individual Strength & Movement Program via own app
    • Coaching through our own custom app
    • Prevent muscle & bone mass
    • Prevent injuries
    • Run, bike, swim and ski more efficiently
    • Move better in your daily life

Sunrise over Mountains

In-person Coaching Programs

Empower Your Journey with Tired Mom Runs Endurance Coaching

Revolutionize Your Fitness Routine

At Tired Mom Runs, we offer personalized coaching programs that adapt to your schedule, providing you with the ultimate support and guidance to transform your fitness journey. Our tailored approach, combined with the latest AI coaching technology in, ensures that you achieve sustainable results, staying healthy while managing your busy lifestyle. Join us and experience the incredible impact of our coaching on your endurance and overall well-being.

Train Smarter, Not Harder and Elevate Your Life from 

Tired To Thriving

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