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Unleash Your Inner Ski Goddess: Conquer the Snowy Peaks with Ski Queens!

If you are ready to conquer American birkiebeiner ski marathon or any other ski marathon in 2024, this is my invitation to join my Ski Queens program!

I left my Nordic Skiing roots in Finland in '98, but skiing has always been my guiding star. Norway became my new skiing haven, and it still holds that title today. I grew up skiing in North Finland, where winters last(ed) for 5-6 solid months. I was lucky enough to have engaged parents and teachers that introduced me

Despite wandering from the ski trails for the past 15 years, I firmly believe that you can take a girl out of Winter Wonderland, but you can never take Winter Wonderland out of the girl.

In 2013, I did my first ski marathon under challenging circumstances – two little ones, plantar fasciitis, and a snowless life in Houston. But I proved it can be done, no matter where you are. I did not finish fast (4:45) but I finished. This race was my first truly ultra-endurance event, and I had no idea how to pace myself, how to fuel myself, or how to really prepare my body for it.

Pre-race 3K carrying Mila on my back. I had not been on my skis in years! But skiing is like riding a bike...

When I crossed that finish line though, I knew deeply in my soul I was doing something right for myself.

Fast forward to 2023, and I celebrated my ski roots with an epic 50K roller ski session around #alqudracycletrack in March. But now, I'm closer to real snow, and my ski itch is getting stronger.

Since me and my family have lived in countries with less frost and snow than I'd like to admit, I have not been on skis much since I left Norway back in 2009. But every time I get to click my boots into the bindings and take those first slides across the white gold, I am in heaven.

It's incredible to witness muscle memory in action. Although many years have passed, my body just intuitively knows what to do. It's in my backbone and it makes me very very happy to do what I love.

In 2024, I'm gearing up for the 51st anniversary of the largest ski marathon festival in the USA. I'm excited to ski my heart out, but I also want to do something different!

So, I'm on the lookout for 5 fearless female Nordic skiers who are up for the challenge.

Here's the scoop:

**Introducing Ski Queens:**

- Online group coaching program running from September 25th, 2023, to February 24th, 2024.

- You'll get a personalized, adaptive training program tailored just for you.

- Expect support, motivation, and expert advice on gear, nutrition, travel, and race tactics.

- Monthly group coaching calls to keep you on track.

- And the best part? We'll meet in person for the big party on the trails!


1. Comfortable with cross-country skiing and a solid endurance base. I recommend you to have a solid base of endurance training, minimum of being able to run an hour, bike for 1.5 to 2 hours. You do not need to roller ski, although that is a very good, specific way to get ready for the race.

2. Personalized training that adapts to your progress. As moms, we are busy and life happens. Sometimes we drop the ball or two. And that's ok. The training platform that you will get access to adapts to your training, gets to know you and is always working at the background to make sure that your next training sessions are still the optimal to take you to your best performance. You can even switch to another training session without having to ask your coach! Thanks to the power of

3. Monthly group calls to connect with fellow skiers. You'll be supported all the way in your journey to Birkie! During our calls you can ask questions about your training, nutrition, gear choices, and race strategy! The sky is the limit!

4. Support and motivation from an amazing community of like-minded women. To be part of something bigger than yourself always, always boosts your accountability! Lean on to others when times get tough, and help others when they struggle. The power is in the group!

**Price:** $150 USD per month

Honestly, I have sliced my normal coaching price because I truly want to help women conquer ski marathons, and using a platform such as Athletica allows me to spend more time supporting my athletes than moving puzzle pieces of training planning.

And I also think, that coaching should not be only for the wealthiest of people. Skiing is expensive enough, coaching should not be the thing holding you back!

Join us, and you won't just prepare for the American Birkebeiner Ski Race; you'll become a skiing superstar!

If you're aiming for another ski marathon in late February or early March 2024, you're welcome to join too!

Want more info? PM me or click here.

I'm only taking 5 BadAsses on this journey, so don't miss out! If you know someone who might be interested, please share this post with them.

I'm super pumped—are you in?

Yours in the love of winter,

MSc Sports Sciences


GGS Women's Coaching Specialist

Triathlon Canada Community Trained Coach


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