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Welcome to Tired Mom Runs Endurance Coaching Team 

Training programs

Individual, adaptable and flexible training plans based on sports science, with an experienced coach, sports scientist, and a busy mom athlete, Marjaana Rakai, Msc Sports Sciences. I am watching you and giving you feedback and you can always chat with me to bounce off ideas.

Personalized to YOU

Athletica allows great plans to fit into YOUR life, not the other way around. When you miss a session, your plan will be adjusted. No more fixed inflexible random training plans from Dr. Google. 

Community Support

We are a team that supports each other. Monthly calls, WhatsApp group for sharing knowledge, and experiences, and cheering each other on. We are moms and dads with insanely busy lives. 

The future of endurance coaching + Human Care -The best of both worlds

Proud to be part of the team! I spent two years testing it with my training and coaching a few athletes with it. The sports science that goes into the Athletica programs is based on decades of research by Dr. Paul Laursen, my personal coach, mentor, and friend. 

With TMR Endurance coaching, you are getting the best sports science-based training program with a human coach who cares for your health, happiness, and performance.

Your training plan is delivered through Athletica where your training plan lives, adapts, and always works on the background to change the plan as needed so when you stand on the start line, you can be confident YOU have done the smartest training and YOU are ready for the day at your best form. 

Athletica doesn't tank you like many other platforms that keep you working hard every day. Athletica's smart planning keeps you showing up consistently day after day without draining you. Yes, you will be doing some hard training, and then you recover from it. Train smarter, not harder!

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About Me

Hello there! I'm Marjaana, a global nomad, athlete, coach, sports scientist, podcast host, and a lifelong advocate for women in sports. On top of all that, I'm also a proud mom of three incredible humans and one adorable rescue dog named Oslo.

I won't bore you with my entire backstory here, but if you're curious, you can find more about me in the "About Me" section on the main menu.

One thing I'm passionate about is encouraging parents to prioritize their own health and fitness. I know firsthand that it's not always easy, but it's absolutely possible.

While my specialization lies in women's coaching, I also work with many dads seeking expertise in endurance coaching, strength training, and lifestyle advice. Because when it comes to fitness, everyone deserves support and guidance.


Master's Degree in Sports Sciences

The Norwegian School of Sports Sciences, Oslo, Norway 

MSc in Sports Sciences, my focus was Exercise Physiology but my thesis was in biomechanics.  

I was lucky to study under prominent scientists both in Norway and under my exchange at the University of Calgary. 

Bachelor in Sports Sciences

The Norwegian School of Sports Sciences, Oslo, Norway 

Bachelor in Sports Sciences, focus sports biology. I was lucky to experience an exchange semester at the University of Alberta. 


Triathlon Canada 

National Academy of Sports Medicine 

Girls Gone Strong

Certified Personal Trainer since 2015

Community Trained Coach since 2017

Women's Coaching Specialist since 2021

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Book your call now to get started! 

To get you started with TMR Endurance Coaching Team, please book your chat with Coach Marjaana 

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Steps to start training with me

Book your call

Let's talk about your goals and life

For me to be the best coach I can be as I guide you towards your amazing goals - I want to know you. We start with a call where we will talk about your goals, what you would like to achieve and your circumstances. You can also ask me any questions that you may have about me as a coach. I want you to interview me as well - personal chemistry needs to be there in a close relationship that coaching is. If our personalities don't match - there's no point pursuing it furher.


Endurance, Strength & Movement Assessments 

We use a few different assessments for 1. to set the pin on where you are today from endurance, strength, and movement perspective, and 2. to derive your training intensity zones. 

If your training zones are random, so is your training plan. You;ll end up burned out, not feeling like you can keep up with training, or worst case, overtrained. 

We periodically retest, reflect on where we started, and celebrate! 

Here's a clip of me talking about testing on the Athlete's Compass Podcast 

Train, adapt, repeat

Stress, Recover = Adapt

Once we have you started and connected with Athletica and we are done your test week, we are ready to get on getting on! Follow the plan, communicate and repeat! Please make sure to comment on your training and fill in the subjective measures after every training. This helps Athletica's genius alter your training. Also, I need your feedback as I analyze your training. 

Recovery and not always a rest day is paramount for your success. Performance is a fine navigation of training, recovery, and adaptation. 

Lean on our Community

Monthly Group Calls

When you are a member of TMR Endurance Coaching Team, you are invited to join our monthly calls which are typically themed around a certain topic like training, nutrition, mindset, race planning etc. 

We live all over the world but once a month you can sit together and chat, learn, share. We also have a WhatsApp group for sharing tips, and photos, and cheering each other on! 

Your Life, Your Training


I've coached runners, track and field, triathletes, runners, and Nordic Skiers.

I've coached young athletes in their teens, amazing MTB bikers and skiers in their 70s, and everything in between. I specialize in coaching women, but I find men, who are also incredibly busy seek out my expertise in endurance coaching and strength training. 

By the way, Strength training is an essential part of each athlete's program, and I encourage getting your personalized strength training program done by me. 

You can stay in your running group, your swim squad or have your personal training sessions. We will adapt your training program and tweak it so it fits into your life! 

Why Athletica

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