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Endurance Coaching

for Incredibly Busy Parents

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Hi, I'm Marjaana

Endurance Sports Coach & Expert

Welcome to Tired Mom Runs, your go-to destination for online endurance sports coaching designed specifically for incredibly busy parents. Our AI-powered training programming via is married to an experienced sports science-educated coach, making your training plan tailored to fit into your hectic schedule, and helping you discover the power of consistent training and healthy living.


Let's work together to achieve your fitness goals and find balance in your busy life.

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Empower Your Journey with Tired Mom Runs Endurance Coaching

Revolutionize Your Fitness Routine

At Tired Mom Runs, we offer personalized coaching programs that adapt to your schedule, providing you with the ultimate support and guidance to transform your fitness journey. Our tailored approach, combined with the latest AI coaching technology in, ensures that you achieve sustainable results, staying healthy while managing your busy lifestyle. Join us and experience the incredible impact of our coaching on your endurance and overall well-being.

Train Smarter, Not Harder and Elevate Your Life from 

Tired To Thriving

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Our Services

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In-person Coaching

Need accountability and motivation to get started and keep going? In-person coaching is efficient and fun while keeping you showing up. Book your sessions for summer 2024 now. 


Online Endurance Sports Coaching

Online coaching is great because you have all you need right on your calendar, at your fingertips. Choose between several options depending on your individual needs. 


Strength Coaching for Endurance Athletes

Strength is undoubtedly an important piece of endurance training. Integrate individual strength & mobility plan to your endurance training with or without a coach. 


Coaching is my passion. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and want to equip you to feel confident in your skills to coach yourself. Join today to learn, elevate and enjoy a partnership with a professional coach who cares about you.

Friendly & Acknowledgable Coach

Support & Sharing

Multilingual Functionality

Advanced Tech with

Highly responsive

Certified Professional Coach

With Marjaana as my XC ski and run coach my training has improved immensely! She really cares about me as a person and an athlete, and crafts excellent plans to help me reach my goals - I already feel stronger! 
Katie, MN, USA

Alexa Young, CA

Tired Mom Runs Anywhere

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