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Welcome to Tired Mom Runs

Welcome to Tired Mom Runs, where fitness meets motherhood. As a dedicated endurance sports coach, I am here to help tired moms like you achieve your fitness goals. With my expertise and guidance, we will transform your tired body into a strong and energized one. Let's embark on this fitness journey together and make motherhood a fit and healthy experience.

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What I Offer

Welcome to Fit Motherhood at Your Fingertips.

As a endurance sports and fitness coach, I provide personalized programs tailored to help you achieve and maintain your health and fitness goals. Explore my range of offerings and choose the one that aligns with your ambitions and lifestyle. Why fingertips? Well, because I deliver all programs using cutting-edge technology, like, and my own strength app, so they are conveniently available to you. You just open the app and you've got it in front of you! I also believe in open communication, so you feel supported. I don't put limits to how often you can talk with me. You want to talk? I'm here for you! 

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Strength Training

Strength training is a key component of any fitness journey. My program focuses on building strength, improving balance, and power. With my guidance, you'll see noticeable improvements in your performance and strength.

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Endurance Coaching & programming

Health and fitness go hand-in-hand. I prioritize the well-being of your body and mind. Through my endurance program, you'll experience improved cardiovascular health, increased endurance, speed, and a sense of balance. Train Smarter, Not Harder!

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Lifestyle & Nutrition Guidance

Achieving your fitness goals requires a holistic approach. Alongside exercise, I offer personalized nutrition guidance to optimize your results. By combining strategic exercises with a healthy diet, you'll see results you are after, increase lean muscle mass, improve your metabolism, and your overall health.

Coaching Services

Welcome to Fit Motherhood at Your Fingertips. Achieve your fitness goals with a variety of classes designed to help you get fit and stay fit. Whether you want to lose weight, run a marathon, or get that beach body, I have the perfect class for you.

Group Workout

Strength Training

Build lean muscle and improve your overall health with my unique strength training program. Through a combination of strategic exercises for running, triathlon, skiing or to tackle everyday mother's day, you'll be ready to conquer any challenge. 

Programs include: Learn to Lift, The Strength Lab, Mom Strong and In-person strength training. 

Also Mom & Daughter programs available: "Running with Mom" Enquire now:


Endurance Sports Coaching

Train for your key events with me! I deliver a balanced, sport science based training programming for running, cycling, triathlon and Nordic Skiing, with unique support that will guarantied leave you feeling supported, with private, and group coaching calls, educational videos, and unlimited changes and communication with your coach.

All endurance training packages also include strength training (you can even join me for weekly workouts) and nutritional guidance.


From Tired To Thriving

Health and fitness is not just about how you look on the outside, but also how you feel on the inside. I have created several programs for moms like you. 

I was a tired mom who did not run, suicidal, exhausted, disgusted by myself, grappling with negative self-image, self-talk and I felt lost in motherhood. 

Programs include: Fitness Kick Starter, Ab-repair and my Flagship program; The Nordic Way.

Cecilia, Norway

Being a working twin mom has always made it difficult tough to prioritize working out. This was until I got MJ as my coach. She analyzed my situation and my goals. Weekly she provides programs - just for me - and she follows up each workout. This has led to a shift in my life. Now - I have time for family, work, and training. And I'm reaching my goals and I have more energy!

Katie, MN, USA

Marjaana as my xc ski and run coach my training improved immensely! She really cares about me as a person and as an athlete, and crafts excellent training plans  to help me reach my goals - I already feel stronger!

Krystel, Dubai, UAE

Honestly, the biggest accomplishment of doing the Nordic Way with Marjaana was the "Proof" that I can do it, that I CAN GET BACK into the fitness program and stick to it.

You Are Loved. You Matter. You are Safe. 


My name is Marjaana Rakai, MSc, CPT

I was a tired, exhausted, burned-out mom who did not run. I had three amazing little hurricanes in 3.5 years while moving between 4 continents in as many years. I could not run 15 mins. I was lost in motherhood and in life until running saved my life, and I started questioning my own negative thoughts. 

Since 2015, I've proven my-old-self wrong in so many levels, but let's just start with these facts: 2 x Ironman, 4 x 70.3 Ironman, 1 x XTerra, 3 x World Championships Qualifications, 4 Marathons, lost count of half maras, 10K, 5K, and throw in there open water swim, road cycling races, and couple ski marathons. I started at 38 yo and I KNOW I can still get better at 45!

I have science background with MSc in Sports Sciences from the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences, NASM CPT, GGS Women's coaching Specialist, Tri Canada Community Trained Coach, continuously learning via, and Athletica founder Professor Paul Laursen, world renowned Exercise Physiologist. 

I am a brand ambassador for and Betty Designs.

If I can do, you can do it! Let's Chat today!

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Tired Mom Runs Blog

You Are UNIQUE. 

You are unique in your physiology, your life circumstances, your dreams. You should not be coached with a cookie-cutter program. 

I am your "HOW" in your unique journey towards your goals & dreams! 


AI Driven, Sports Science Backed with Human Touch

I'm so excited to share that I've partnered up with, AI driven, sports science backed training platform that allows me to spend more time with what human coaches do the best - communicating and understanding the uniqueness of each athlete. Athletica allows me to the best human coach I can be. It allows you to focus on your life and training. 

Your Training Program At Your Fingertips

Your individual training programs are delivered to your phone via either Athletica or my own strength training app. You never again have to ask yourself: "What training should I do today?" 

24/7 Support

Because Athletica does take care of the heavy load of programming, I can focus on providing the best possible support for you, whether it is private chats, texts, educational videos, blog posts, and live sessions with you. 

Lifestyle & Nutrition Guidance

Your health is the most important thing. Health drives everything I do for you. 

Recover, sleep, mental health, mindset, and nutrition are cornerstones in your training program with me.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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