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TMR Tri Training Group

About the Training Group 

Hey, ya'll - so happy you are here. Let's get into the nitty gritty of this group, shall we? 

I mentioned my big goal to race at the World Championships on the Big Island in 2025. I know it's ways away, but in a long-distance triathlon, time flies! Am I right, or Am I right?! 

I am looking to form a training group that gets together regularly. Preferably middle to long-distance triathletes (only females). If you can do an Olympic distance tri, I think you'll be fine also. We don't even have to be at the same skill/fitness levels as all workouts can be somewhat adjusted. So how would this group work then you may ask?

Women's Race
Getting Ready to Run


Get together to swim, bike & run regularly either in person or through virtual rides. Having a community of like-minded kick-ass women is just so powerful and helps us all crush our goals! 

You can read more about me here. 

Divers Underwater

Options for you 

Option ONE:

Join any workouts for FREE. You'll do the session I've designed for the day - and adjust as needed. Stay for a full session or just a little. totally up to you.  All I ask is for everyone to practice common sense and let me know if last-minute cancellations happen. My principle is 5 minutes past the hour and the wheels will be rolling.

Option TWO: 

Individual training plan for you via my coaching platform specifically designed to help you reach peak physical and mental fitness for your race day and all scheduled workouts. Some workouts are done as a group on Zwift, like bike vo2max sessions. 

Price 129 USD per month. 

Option THREE: 

The fully loaded Grand Tour :D All scheduled workouts and individual training program are specifically designed to help you reach peak physical and mental fitness for your race day. This flagship coaching service includes all of the above + a strength program, Learn to Lift Program, The Strength Lab, educational coaching calls, office hours (discuss your training with me during office hours), race planning, and nutritional guidance (no meal plans).  USD 249 per month. Ask about discount options.

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Example of April Training Calendar 

Scheduled workouts will look a little different once I am done IMTX. There will be a mix of early morning sessions and lunchtime swims. Unfortunately, my weekday evenings are booked with kids' activities, and every other weekend with Baseball tournaments. Don't worry if April's training timings don't work for you, as the schedule will change in May. 

The schedule will be based on our training plans. If you opt for Option 2 or 3, then you can easily move your training sessions to match the schedule- I will walk you through how.

Locations: Mostly Bridgeland for running and biking

Swimming: Bridgeland, YMCA other locations around Cypress - still looking for the best pool! I will be in the pool with you - no swim coaching provided at this time. 

Let's get started! 

Join for training, add a training plan, or go big with a training plan and coaching by an experienced coach! We are all in this together! 

Let me know you are in or have more questions by hitting the Email Me button below. Email me your phone number and which option you are interested in and I will get back to you.

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