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Tired Mom, Start Here

If you are feeling like you're losing yourself in motherhood..


Presented by Marjaana Rakai,
aka Tired Mom Runs

Welcome to The Fit Mom way,


a specialized program meticulously crafted for tired moms seeking a holistic transformation in their lifestyle, mindset, and fitness journey. Led by Marjaana Rakai, this program embodies the essence of Nordic principles, helping you move from exhaustion to vitality and redefine your path.

Discover the empowering The Fit Mom Way, a unique approach tailored to the needs of tired moms. Marjaana, an ultra-endurance athlete and former fatigued mom herself, will guide you through the precise steps that propelled her from a worn-out mother to a thriving athlete living her best life.

In Fit Mom Way, we dive into a comprehensive understanding of how the Nordic approach to fitness can be a game-changer for tired moms. Gain insights into altering your mindset, reshaping habits, and carving out time for what truly matters to you. This program not only equips you with strength and endurance training aligned with your female physiology but also supports your journey with rejuvenating nutritional habits, essential for your newfound healthy and kick-ass lifestyle.

If you're a tired mom yearning for that elusive moment of rest during nap times, searching for genuine "feel-good" methods amidst the noise of bro-science on social media, fluctuating diets, persistent mom guilt, and the challenge of limited time—look no further. The Fit Mom Way is an online course tailored to reignite your energy and guide you toward a revitalized and fulfilling life.

Join us and embrace the Fit Mom Way, designed to elevate tired moms into empowered, invigorated versions of themselves. Your journey to a renewed, vibrant life awaits.

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In this online coaching you will...

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