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Learn To Lift

Learn the basic lifting techniques that empower you to walk right to the free weights!

Service Description

This is a four-class session where you will learn three basic lifting techniques: 1. Bracing sequence, Deadlift & bent-over row 2. Squat 3. Push & Pull 4. Abs & Back Each class is 30 minutes long, I will coach you through each of them. I will also show you progressions so you can try and elevate your game. For example, I will teach you basic Goblet Squat before teaching you dumbbell squats, back squats, front squats and then going to single leg (or pistol squats). We can adapt to the difficulty depending on what you have available. If you work out at home, I can show you some band work before you need to get yourself to the gym or buy dumbbells etc. You may be part of a small group of 3 to 5 athletes.

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  • Cypress, TX, USA

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