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Ready to embark on a journey to improved health and fitness where you, my lovely, are the badass strong mom 👊🏻???

You already know the benefits of strength training, right?! Like increased bone mass to prevent low bone mineral density, fractures, etc?! Or improved metabolic rate, lean muscle mass and body composition?

The problem is, you don’t have a strength plan, and end your doing whatever in the gym…. Mostly you sit in the leg machines or end up stair climbing to the heaven… pun intended. .

Well, this NEEDS to stop. I’m here to help!

This monthly membership gives you an access to all this goodness:

💪🏻 strength training program via our own app

📞 To explain how it all works x1

💪🏻 well explained videos

🦵🏻track your progress

🦵🏻comment on the app and I will reply

👋🏻 new program when you need new stimulus (I will keep an eye on your progress so make sure to keep track of your reps and weights)

📍strength and movement assessments as needed

👥 access to our private Facebook group

For 49 usd per month (no minimum commitment) you can be confident you’ll know what to do every time you step into the gym.

You can even hire me to come with you the first few times for an additional 70usd per hour. Enquire more

Monthly Strength Program Membership

Excluding Sales Tax
  • No returns

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