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We are all told, “live your life to the fullest”; I am here to do just that. Tired Mom Runs serves as a vessel to project my passions and clue in my loyal readers as to what inspires me in this crazy world.
At it's darkest moments, my adventurous soul takes a deep dive into postpartum depression. I will also talk about how running saved my life and guided me back to light. My mission is to help another mother see her guiding bubbling light back into her happiness. 
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On Campus or At Home-Schooling? Whatever your Choice: Are you ready for school?

Hello Lovely, thanks for checking back. I know, it's been a while I've posted... I'm not gonna lie, it's been a challenging summer. It's been a weird summer. Living in Dubai, normally we would have travelled to Canada or Finland for summer, but this year we scrapped all plans and decided to stay here due to Covid19 and travel restrictions. I have to say, it hasn't been too bad. And it took me to August before I started to really miss Big Blue Skies and fresh air. I also miss the crisp morning air, sound of someone mowing the lawn, days at the river, watching kids play in the water.

We've been mostly home, living in our little bubble, and occasionally venturing out for few adventures. The kids have played soccer, practice track & field, and ice-skating. Yesterday I took them for a fun day at Ski Dubai and we played in the snow all day. So much fun. Very surreal to be in -4 degrees C when outside it is 40+. Ethically, I have struggled to support this kind of craziness, but I just happened to place second on the first ever Snow Run (a race where we had to run up the Ski Dubai Hill 3 times) and received 4 tix to spend the day in there. Kids had a blast and I had to drag them out of there.

I thought I would personally go crazy staying here for summer in the mad heat, but it's been ok. We've spent too much time inside, and I cannot wait for the temps to cool (another 2 months) but somehow I've managed to keep myself together. I've thrown myself into training and work as I am re-designing my whole coaching business (can't wait to reveal the news soon!) but the last week I've noticed a slight low in my overall mental balance, as I worry about school start.

As we are getting ready for the new school year, I am feeling a little nervous about school start. We start with a new school, kids are switching to a IB school from American curriculum, I am nervous about Covid19 cases going up and us ending up e-learning again. Not that there's anything wrong with elearning, but I believe kids are happier with their peers than learning from home. Still, knowing my youngest, he will be the one who will forget about the rules of social distancing, hand washing and keeping his mask on all the time.

Is starting a new school year on campus worth the risk? I find myself asking this in my head all the time. In a way, I know kids are tired of this whole covid19, they need to be with their peers more, they also need school to start and do what kids do, and not worry about when they get to see their friends again. I've seen them grow into more responsible humans during this whole thing, follow the rules of social distancing, knowing why we do what we have to do. Kids, are so adaptable! More so than their ehm..father, who is clearly fatigued from this all.

The problem with this all is that I have immunodeficiencies, more specifically, I have very low levels of something called Immunoglobulin A, and G. The body makes different antibodies, or immunoglobulins, to fight different things. IG-A is found in the linings of the respiratory tract and digestive system, as well as in saliva (spit), tears, and breast milk. Immunoglobulin G (IgG): This is the most common antibody. It's in blood and other body fluids, and protects against bacterial and viral infections. Together with my EIA (Exercise induced Asthma) I really do not want to test what this Covid19 can do to me if getting free reign in my body. If I were to get Covid19, will my body be able to fight off this virus with already low levels of IG-A ?

So what to do? I know personally I don't want to risk getting covid19 or have my family suffer from it, especially because we don't know what the long term implications are. But I also want the kids to go back to school safely.

I've been awaiting experiences from countries who have already started school but that hasn't my choice any easier. OF course the cases are going up, as well as kids getting seasonal colds, and flus that they would normally maybe be able to fight but as they haven't been exposed to much the last 5 months, I believe it's just a matter of time when they bring something home.

As I write this, I am very much undecided. I would love to give the kids opportunity to go meet their new classmates, get back to somewhat normality with going to school, but in the same time I just want them to stay healthy and well.

What are you doing ? Are you keeping your kids at home or send them school?

XO, Marjaana



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Marjaana Rakai (MSc Kinesiology) is a running and skiing coach, personal trainer and nutrition specialist, and the Founder and CEO of Be Sisu Fit. Marjaana is an age-group Ironman Athlete, cross-country skier, and a runner. She loves to teach women and men to run & ski & take charge of their health

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